wida_90pxWIDA offers bursaries
WIDA is making available bursaries to entice learners, to follow careers in the wine industry.


The Wine Industry Development Association (WIDA) has declared war on the notion that a career in agriculture, especially for young women, is a boring or unattractive prospect by launching a campaign to showcase the industry. It is making available bursaries to entice learners, with excellent marks in mathematics and physics, to follow careers in the wine industry.
“Many learners frown on a career in the wine industry, but they do need to realise that the skills acquired are applicable in the rest of the world, wherever wine is made, and that there are so many different career paths one can follow. For instance, a lot of work is done in the laboratory, in research and development; and of course, on the flip side of the coin, the wine industry offers outdoor careers. The industry offers the opportunity of making discoveries in the laboratory and then implementing findings and theory in the field,” says Denver Williams, Executive Manager of WIDA.

The industry requires the best brains and offers challenges and rewards that very few industries can match, says Williams, “that is why we are very generous with bursaries.”

WIDA has set itself the ambitious task of supporting learners who receive bursaries all the way through to PhD level, “because that is what will ultimately make the South African industry sustainable: when we have leading and world beating researchers, wine makers generally outstanding people in all the key posts the industry offers.”

Williams says, “If you are interested and wish to speak to us about the bursaries on offer or about our mentorship programme or just want to explore the industry in general, please call us on 021 872 9181 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ”.