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Nick plummer of Fine Music Radio finds out more about how WIDA will influence the BBBEE scenario within the wine industry.


Nick Plummer: Fine Music Radio is bringing you a series of interviews, focusing on the work of the Wine Industry Development Association, better known as WIDA. And in the studio with me today is Denver Williams, executive Manager of WIDA. Denver, welcome to Fine Music Radio, please tell our listeners a little bit more about WIDA, sort of who you are, what you doing and why you doing it.

Denver Williams Good afternoon, thank you very much Nick. WIDA, well we’ve been established as an association since November 2006. Our main focus, and that will be the basis for the discussion over the next few days, is BBBEE, Human Resource Development, industrial relations and Social Development. And we would like to make a change in the lives of the people on the farm. And also within the wine industry. That is our vision and our mission in a nutshell.

Nick Plummer: Wonderful, so today you want to discuss BBBEE, however many B’s or E’s you want to count tin there, please tell us how WIDA is going to influence the BBE scenario within the wine industry…

Denver Williams BBBEE is broad field and a wide topic and government has set our seven aspects that we can score on, and today I’d like to just hone in on one maybe that I think would make a real difference to people and to bring a better understanding and that would be enterprise development. What we do with enterprise development, and as I said, BBBEE can be very wide, and we found that there is a lot of need for people to, there’s a need for them to find their market, to have guidance, and as to what do I do with my product. So once they enter into the market we try to link them up, we and try to walk the way with them so that they get value for money, and they make a success of their business. People have come into the area and they have said that you know, maybe it is better to have a label and this is what we find most of the time, is that there are a lot of labels out there, but not a lot of markets.
So we try and create, and help them via WIDA and our initiatives to have a market and whenever we have a function we sue these black wines or black owned labels and give them some exposure. Very often we have found that people start off in the industry with having a, er, they have the wine, they have the label, they have everything else, but they don’t have a market. And we found that this is where the biggest problem lies, because it also now bring back other matters, such as being able to pay for your wine and wineries being able to store it, and that usually runs out on a pretty sad basis because now there is s conflict between the buyer and the seller of the bulk wine and the wineries have to store it. So what we at WIDA are doing, we are linking rather the label owner (for the want of the word) to a market and in this way we believe we will be able to address is a lot of the ills within the industry and we’d be able to get players, because now we can go and we can buy the bulk wine, and we can go do lots of other things, you can then have your car and go and buy your farm from that and that is what we are trying to do with the BBBEE is concerned.
Because we do find that people start off at the wrong end of the scale (for the want of the word). They put in a lot of time, a lot of effort and it leads to heartbreak when you find that my label isn’t really selling and then I start blaming other people, so we’d like to put the, or use our model, which is going to find the market, give you the necessary exposure, bring you into the major players and help you to develop that market, because without that market we won’t be able to sell your wine and you won’t be able to meet your commitments and then we have heartbreak and then we go back in the circle again. So that what we do where the BBBEE is concerned and especially as far as the enterprise development is concerned.

Nick Plummer: So it’s effective that you offer a consultation and advise symposium almost to all the black wine farm owners on how to proceed and how to proceed with caution, care and efficiency to get their wines to the market place?

Denver Williams That would be correct Nick, I couldn’t have said it any better, and just to add to that, it’s free of charge.

Nick Plummer: Wonderful. And that was Denver Williams. Denver, thank you very much for coming in today. And he will be back again tomorrow to continue our series of interview about WIDA, and tomorrow he will be talking about Human Resource Development. That’s tomorrow same time tomorrow afternoon.